EasyTCG FM by Bloo (github)
Card search script by Daggles
Additional eTCG mods by Dite & Exposure Forums
Card sort resources and more by Rizu
Ships coding for collecting decks by Ten
Level progress bar by Jennifer & styling by Emelie
Needed cards mod assistance by Kriss
Show text card categories mod by Joey
Show pending in keeps modifciation with text by Kupo
Show needed cards as a list mod & more by Caitlin
Starlight currency code by Amber
Card sorter & other eTCG mods by Danni
Card counter by Lina
List decknames in a category mod by Andie


Layout by
Love Live images from School Idol Tomodachi
Sidebar pattern by Park Chu El
Trading buddy pixels from here
Custom cursor from Cursors-4U
Other pixels from Pixel-Soup & Lushbomb
Image rotator code by Matt Mullenweg
Tooltip styling code


Cassidy @ Milkbaeri